Photo: OpenCouncilHre

The Harare City Council lost over US$1.8 million in a refuse truck supply deal with FAW Zimbabwe after the company failed to deliver the trucks.

In the second deal the same company also delivered the wrong trucks.

Council officials appeared before the Parliamentary Committee on Local Government this week where this was revealed.

FAW Zimbabwe, trading as Mass Breed Investments was engaged to supply 30 refuse compactors in 2017.

The deal was worth US$3 095 514.

It was also given another contract for the supply of 10 double skip bin trucks.

The trucks would be for US$1 529 999.

However FAW failed to supply 15 trucks, delivering only 15.

In the second deal the company also delivered the wrong trucks, as it brought single skip trucks.

The total lost money was US$1 880 000.

Engineer Mabhena Moyo defended council saying they had done their part but the supplier failed to fulfill his own.

“City of Harare continued to engage FAW on the non-delivery of outstanding 15 refuse trucks until 6 July 2020 where FAW wrote to City of Harare changing goal posts.

“(The company) alleged that City of Harare was obliged to facilitate the procurement of foreign currency from RBZ.

“However, in terms of the contract City of Harare had no obligation to secure availability of forex on behalf of the supplier,” he said.

Council has since engaged their lawyers to pursue the matter with FAW Zimbabwe.

The Council workers responsible for the deal are also facing disciplinary action. -OpenCouncilHre