A well known Harare bouncer Donaldson ‘Kedha’ Chatikwita was killed in a fierce machete war in Mt Darwin early this week, Zim Morning Post can reveal.

The gruesome murder has sucked in Zanu PF Bindura South legislator Remigious Matangira and notorious gold dealer Lucky Jonga.

Investigations established that Matangira and Jonga have a long standing dispute over Mashona Queen Mine which was previously linked to self-exiled former cabinet minister Saviour Kasukuwere.

“There was a wrangle over this mine between Matangira and Jonga. Jonga allowed Mashurugwi to mine there on condition that they send the ore to his gold mill where he would benefit from sharing the gold on agreed terms,” said an impeccable source based in the province.

“Matangira’s mill lost out and he also claimed that the mine was rightfully his alleging that Kasukuwere elbowed him out and is using Jonga as a proxy. That is when the war started,” the source added.

At the height of the wrangle, it is alleged that Matangira hired the services of popular Harare bouncers (names withheld) including the late Kedha who was buried in Harare on Thursday.

Disturbing images of the slain Kedha went viral on social media and could only be viewed with those without a nervous disposition.

“Matangira engaged his security guys from the provincial youth wing and ordered them to seek services of Harare based bouncers. The entourage came and briefly settled at the mine triggering a clash with Jonga sponsored machete wielding gang,” said a source.

“There was a massive physical war which led to the death of one of the bouncers (Kedha).”

“Police was called in but there could not do much since the battle was too wild as if these people were possessed,” added our source.

When contacted for comment, Matangira confirmed the incident and the existing tiff, but he could neither confirm nor deny his involvement in hiring the Harare based bouncers including the late Kedha.

“Firstly, I would say I regret the incident and loss of life. Let me make it clear that Zimbabwe is a peace loving nation and we do not condone violence,” he said.

He put the blame on Jonga and his “sponsored thugs”.

“These people have been trying to fight me off the mine since 2004. They have been instigating all forms of violence including this latest unfortunate incident,” he said.

“We will make sure that perpetrators rot in jail. The licences for the two blocks in question were cancelled by Mines Ministry during Honourable (Obert) Mpofu’s tenure around 2004 although Kasukuwere tried to reverse it in vain,” said Matangira.

Some Harare based bouncers who spoke to Zim Morning Post on condition of anonymity confirmed that the late Kedha and crew were working for Matangira.

“I personally failed to be part of the crew because my daughter fell sick on the day we were supposed to leave,” said Kedha’s close associate.

“Mdara Matangira sent his party youths from the province to us and we had no problems since we have worked with him before. I’m saddened by Kedha’s death and he was a very good man.”

“Mdara Matangira had pledged to assist with funeral expenses but I’m not sure if he did so because I’m locked down in my rural home now and yet to get full details from other guys,” he added.

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