This week, certainly, belongs to thieving educationists and they just made it a newsy one!
Whilst netizens and the general Zimbabwean citizenry are yet to come to terms with a private school teacher who was caught red-handed, unashamedly stealing maize cobs in a peasantry field, a headmaster from Gutu, Masvingo province, reportedly hanged himself after it surfaced that he had stolen maize meant for the national schools’ feeding scheme.
Online media outlets reported Wednesday that the school headmaster for Thornhill Primary School in Gutu district recently committed hanged himself after he stole the grain meant for the feeding scheme.
Although it was not immediately verified during the time of publishing, reports indicate that a teacher at the school caught him stealing the grain.
“Akaba mabagwe. The school head of Thornhill Primary hanged himself recently and before he committed suicide, he drove to the residence of the teacher who sold him out and left a note”, said the source.