Former ZBC presenter Eric Knight has warned first lady Grace Mugabe that it is not over after she was freed by the South African authorities on charges of assaulting a model in that country.

Grace reportedly assaulted a model when she found her in the company of her two sons in a hotel in that country.

“Igwe must see this. This is the best letter the Igwe family has ever received. The letter that let Madam Igwe off hook after a trying and tumultuous week. Is the case closed? Well, from the South African Government’s side yes it is. But there is some private prosecution to be instituted I m told,” Knight said.

“The bad thing is the victim is now being privately represented and they have rejected monetary compensation and are prepared to pursue the case for as long as it takes. Even in the event Igwe is gone they want Madam Igwe! Time will tell. Another worrisome thing, Igwe’s boys may become targets from other disgruntled sectors of the South African society. Perhaps again they move to another country!”

He said by the way, she is back in Zimbabwe.