You are ancient, been there since 1980 as well, Grace reminds Mnangagwa

Summary of what happened today:Grace has a dig at ‘old’ unelectable Mnangagwa; she says nothing on life & death matters affecting Zimbabweans. 


Controversial Zimbabwe First Lady Grace Mugabe is back!

After taking a sabbatical from whirlwind countrywide rallies last year, she returns to the battlefront.

She leads a powerful G40 faction that is in the race to take over from President Mugabe if he dies or retires.

Today she launched her first rally in Buhera.

While on surface the party reports that her rallies are meant to prop up Zimbabwe’s ruling party ahead of 2018 elections, rivals in the Mnangagwa led Lacoste faction see these meetings as Grace’s personal project to take control of Zanu PF.

Addressing supporters today Grace took time to blast ZimPF leadership following the chaos that rocked the new political outfit.

Using a derogatory term ‘Queen B’ to refer to Joice Mujuru, she said the former Vice President is a very corrupt person.

She also quoted the bible telling people that God will decide the country’s next leader and past mishaps should help the party in 2018.

“Mugabe is irreplaceable, that is the truth. In 2008 Tsvangirai got more votes than President Mugabe because of sellouts we had in the party”, she rambled.

In a direct attack on her rival, Emmerson Mnangagwa, Grace warned that there are bad people who know well that they will never be leaders.

She asked why he(Mnangagwa) thinks that Mugabe has been in power for too long when they have been in government together since 1980.

“There are spoilers who know they do not stand a chance and they lead factions, Vane mikwende yakaipa ngavagare nayo ikoko. Kana nehuku chaiyo havawane kana one vote, they are here to spoil everything in the name of factions, I was not there in 1980 when you worked with Mugabe in new Zimbabwe,” she tore into Mnangagwa.

Apparently,  Mnangagwa is the only high ranking Zanu PF official who has been with Mugabe in government since 1980.

She also reminded him that he is also very old, so should reproach himself as well.

Grace disappointed thousands of Zimbabweans who were expecting her to speak on pot holes, floods, typhoid, bond notes, money problems and failure by government to address civil servants salaries and working conditions.