The Population Census which was scheduled for 2022 is now set for august this year with Zimstat urging Zimbabweans to participate in the ongoing mapping exercise.

In order to create a framework for areas to be covered in this year’s population census, Zimstat is currently undertaking a census mapping exercise throughout the country.

Speaking this Thursday in Epworth, Director Population Census and Survey, Aluwisio Mukavhi urged the nation to cooperate with census enumerators.

“The census mapping exercise is a very important undertaking that our organisation is undertaking. We want to calculate or measure population size and also locate our population in advance for the census enumeration.

“Also, it informs on the recruitment and training processes of our enumerators helps to produce enumeration area maps which are going to be used by our enumerators during the census enumeration. I urge all Zimbabwean to participate in this exercise by answering questions to our mappers throughout the country as this is key for a successful census, so accept them as they do their work,” he said.

Cartography Manager, Nyaradzai Ngonyamo, revealed that so far the response rate is quite good.

“We have two teams with seven members each and the coverage and response rate is good. The people, police and councillors are co-operating, she noted.

The population census has over the years been held at a ten-year interval and the last one was held in 2012. Zbc