By Stanley Goreraza: It seems Tendai Masotcha has the drop on the MDC Alliance. She knows way too much that her party was so afraid letting her go would be suicidal and so they covered for her, by lying.

When a gang robs a bank, they do not later expel one of their own into the cold, lest he flaps his jaws and sings like a canary .

She was not going to go down alone, she was going to take the whole party with her. You don’t have to study her tone in the audio to know the motion of her emotions point to someone who is not making things up, but is telling the truth and has even more shocking and explosive stuff that could bury the Alliance. I’m more than confident though, that Tawanda Muchehiwa was genuinely abducted.
There was this MDC Alliance young man from Ruwa who was abducted and discovered about a day later in Norton. He said ,his abductors showed him their identification cards! How colossally stupid would they have to be to do something so gigantically stupid? And what, was the abductee so thick that he could not pick just one name from 4 identification cards and store it in his head?

Some of the things done by the Alliance put off well meaning folks. One of their recalled members passed away and according to Hwende and Chamisa it was the recall that killed them! A recall? Shuwa shuwa? Kutoti my life is over because I’ve been recalled? And the world ends for you? A party of strong and brave people that one! They never cease to amaze.