Mr Tichaona Moyo of Gokwe shocked the court when he appeared before Chief Nemangwe’s traditional court after his wife Alleta Chipangu revealed that her husband assaults her every time she fails to thank him after a good round of bedroom action.

It is reported that Moyo accuse his wife of being ungrateful for failing to acknowledge and appreciate his bedmatics and extra effort he puts during love making.

In defence Moyo said being thanked after love making was magic that works wonders on his level of intimacy.

Moyo reportedly told the court that the words “thank you” boost his confidence, and make him keep coming back for more rounds.

“Men like to know they are appreciated. Even in bed. To me, being thanked is just a sign that I’m good in bed. I love my wife and I appreciate her a lot, that is why I also want her to appreciate me by saying ‘thank you’ after se_x,” Moyo said. zimpapers