There was drama in Kuwadzan 4 yesterday when security forces who were enforcing lockdown were attacked with a swarm of bees. This happened in Kuwadzana 4 where civilians were treated to this drama.

From the audio we have, it is believed that the security forces who pounced on the vendors and touts were attacked by a swarm of bees after they attempted to take vendors groceries that they were selling. It is said that the swarm of bees were under a cart which the forces wanted to use to transport the goods from the places they were to their truck.

It is said that the cart is owned by one Gogo Ndunge who is known for tempering with juju. She is known to be good at that.

“Soldiers and police came with their worry and everyone ran away, some of the soldiers were not wearing their uniform to pounce on unsuspecting people. While they were taking groceries and firewood being sold. There were bees that had settled under a pushcart. Upon loading the groceries in the pushcart and trying to push it, the bees went on a rampage and began attacking them”; a witness said.