LATEST: There was drama and chaos at a church meeting after compromising pictures of a father and a sister were leaked on social media.

Details of what really happened for the pictures to be leaked are still sketchy but all we know is the Father and the sister were busy bonking behind closed doors.

Below are some of the leaked pictures as the two enjoyed each other’s company under sheets.

These are some of the pictures of the two having a great time. This is believed to have been taken when the two had just finished a session. Sources who posted the images online have identified the cheating father as Godwins Maere.

Here is Father Godwin Maere and some of the church elders taking a moment for the camera. He is one of the elders of the church.

The unnamed sister who is in love with his Father. More details to follow as the story develops.

Another version of the story..

A male Reverend known as Godwins MAERE and a female Reverend yet to be identified but said to be a CCAP Reverend from Mzimba (not confirmed)…have their naked pictures in a room circulating on social media.
It is said that they were at a conference last week where they met and decided to have sex…where they also happened to take pictures of each other.
Both of them are married to different partners.
source: online social media; zimmetro