By Samson Muchirahondo

Pupils at a school in Kadoma recently got a shocker when their headmaster turned them away from class to go collect tuition fees from President Emmerson Mnangagwa(ED) or their Pferorist parents, can reveal.

This comes at a time when most Zimbabweans are indirectly protesting the Constitutional Court ruling that led to Mnangagwa’s inauguration as the second executive president of the republic last month.

In an exclusive interview, a form four pupil who chose anonymity said headteacher Mr(name supplied) instructed students to “go get their fees from ED” after some form four boys jeered at him when he announced that those who haven’t paid their fees should go home.

According to the source, “The headmaster  announced that those who haven’t paid their fees should go home and collect it.”

Whilst he was still addressing, one student at the back of the assembly point interjected shouting “Zvinhu zvakaoma Mudhara” things are hard old man.

This statement prompted the headmaster to say “Kana Zvakaoma endai munopihwa fees na ED kana vabereki venyu vaiti Pfee maPferorist(If things are hard go and get your fees from ED, if your parents said Pfee, they are Pferorists).The whole assembly including teachers laughed but later some pupils reported the matter to their parents,”said the form four pupil.

Commenting on the matter, a parent said headmasters must be apolitical and as parents they shall forward the matter to the District Education Office.

” The headmaster has proved to be immature, how can he politicize academic issues, he should just tell pupils to go back home and collect their fees.

“We know that things are not well but the headmaster should not throw his political frustration at our children,” she said.

When reached for comment the headmaster said he was not allowed to talk to the media and he referred all questions to Kadoma District Education Officer.