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Gloves out, Chamisa, Mwonzora power clashes; the people speak

The alleged ongoing power tassle between MDC-Alliance president Nelson Chamisa and his party’s secretary general Douglas Mwonzora has get Zimbabweans locked in debate.

This comes after Mwonzora recently made public his intentions to challenge Chamisa for presidency in the party’s forthcoming national congress set for May, this year.

The subject has since attracted interest, from as far afield as the ruling ZANU-PF party, amid reports that the ruling party is funding Chamisa’s challenger.

This has been further exacerbated by the sentiments reportedly attributed to Victor Matemadanda supporting Mwonzora against Chamisa.

Matemadanda is reported to have said Mwonzora is mature than Chamisa and stand poised to lead the main opposition party.

As if that was not enough, one of the ZANU-PF Youth League leaders Lewis Mathuthu though declining having interest in the opposition’s forthcoming congress, also made identical sentiments, suggesting Mwonzora was a better leader.

Meanwhile, Zimbabweans have received the sentiments with mixed feelings. took it to the streets of Harare early today to get the people’s take.

Maideyi Chikanga of Budiriro suburb in Harare says if the reports are anything to go by, it means ZANU-PF is trying to kill the main opposition party from within.

“There is nothing bad about democratic elections in the opposition party, however, there is everything wrong if a party such as ZANU-PF tries to dictate what democracy in opposition politics should be like.

“The ruling party is trying to kill the main opposition party from within,” she says.

Meanwhile, MDC-Alliance Member of Parliament for Zengeza West Job Sikhala, says there is nothing wrong in anyone expressing intention to contest for the party presidency, however, he says that should come after defeating the common enemy (ZANU-PF).

He says that it is not time to rock the boat, as this would distract the course which has since been set.

“Please kana pane anombotaura nevane ma ambitions kuti vavaudzewo kuti don’t distract us. The direction has long been set.

“… those trying to challenge Chamisa. Chimbogarai pasi timbosunungura nyika iyi ma ambitions ozouya hawo,” says Sikhala. Loosely translated (Those with ambitions to challenge Chamisa should take it easy. Let us liberate the country first, then you express your ambitions later.

Apparently, another Harare resident, from Arcadia Alexander Jackson says there is nothing wrong about Mwonzora challenging Chamisa, for as long as the party’s constitution allows it.

“I would urge the MDC to follow their Constitution and nothing else,” he says.

Another Harare resident Taguma Jere, says while the call to follow their constitution is noble, the problem comes when outsiders like ZANU-PF trie to influence and dictate the pace.

“ZANU-PF thrives on manipulating various establishments including opposition parties, creating confusion and artificial disharmony,” he says.




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