Dear Editor                                                             Allow me to express my gratitude over your continued coverage of issues pertaining to Kwekwe Town in general and Kwekwe Central constituency in particular.                                        As a Kwekwe resident, I really would wish to appreciate the fact that despite the fact that we are virtually unknown on the national radar, your publication has tried by every means possible to ensure that issues pertaining to this Midlands mining town are adequately covered in this nationally revered and respected online publication. As a matter of fact, my issue in this instalment pertains to the vaunted Kwekwe Central by-elections in general and the impending Zanu PF Kwekwe Central by-elections in particular.               While I would wish to appreciate the fact that Energy “Dhala” Ncube I’d a youthful political aspirant with the wishes of the youths in mind, allow me to take this particular opportunity to say that he needs time for political maturity as a 26-year old Zanu PF son. Yes, there might be existential differences between him and the Kwekwe Central Shadow MP (Mugabe) but the truth of the matter is that we must come to a point where we soberly take a look into the prevailing circumstances.                                                            First and foremost, Dhala who is state security Minister Owen Mudha Ncube’s nephew must bear in mind that his actions at the interdicted Globe and Phoenix mining Pit cannot go unnoticed.           I, for one, am a staffer based at his mine and inasfar as I am concerned, I would wish to put it on national record that Dhala doesn’t really deserve the political position he has been clamouring for.                    One- apart from the age deficit existing between his competitors and himself, the situation currently prevailing at Globe and Phoenix Pit has to be realised.                                                                         Dhala is merely depending upon the political significance of his mother’s brother, Owen Mudha Ncube, who is an influential figure in the political dispensation of the Midlands Province.                     It is public knowledge that the labourers at Globe and Phoenix Pit have been subjected to some of the most humiliating circumstances at the behest of Dhala who wants to confront the ruling Zanu PF shadow MP Kandros Mugabe and the main opposition MDC Alliance President-led Nelson  Chamisa’s Judith Tobaiwa in the impending by-elections to replace the late Masango Blackman Matambanadzo of the National Patriotic Front (NPF).                                                                             Yet, the humiliating searches typifying the G&P Pit that ordinary gold miners have been subjected to clearly show that Dhala has never been a man of either his word or the people he wants to represent in the House of Assembly.                                            We are sometimes treated to the most derogatory experiences when we are exiting this line which was banned by the Zimbabwe Government amid uncontrollable mortalities and environmental vulnerabilities posed by this mine.                               We know that Midlands provincial minister Larry Mavhima once announced that the operations at G&P Pit were in diametric contrast to the expectations of our Government and its Environmental Management Agency (EMA), but who cares?                                                                 As a Zanu PF  fanatic, I cannot exhaust all the humiliating experiences that we have been subjected to at G&P Pit, but I think this is the time for Dhala to burry all the differences he has with Mugabe and other Zanu PF officials for the good of Kwekwe Central constituency in particular, and the ruling party in general.                                                      Kandros Mugabe appears to be the solution for Zanu PF supremacy in our town.                                    Editor, as long as Dhala is given the rarest opportunity to contest the forthcoming by-elections, I can assure you that chances of the ruling party regaining its seat are next to none.           I know that this letter will not be received as the most welcome news in the ruling party but the truth of the matter is that Kandros Mugabe has what it takes to make Zanu PF a significant political establishment in Kwekwe and the Midlands Province as a whole.                                                          Yours Politically                                                                  Darlington Sithole, Mbizo