Image: Mafaro

In a heartbreaking twist of fate, a young girl hailing from Chinhoyi met her untimely demise while endeavouring to whip up a meal for her beloved boyfriend during a sleepover.

The young lady from Cold Stream in Chinhoyi tragically lost her life when a gas tank suddenly exploded while she was preparing a meal intended to satiate her and her boyfriend’s hunger pangs.

Although differing accounts have emerged, all concur that the ill-fated girl met her tragic demise while engaged in the act of cooking for her boyfriend.

While one rendition alleges her involvement with a married man, another individual clarified that her romantic partner was an unmarried young gentleman.

In this particular version of events, the girl’s boyfriend declined to attend a church event that was scheduled to take place from Friday to Sunday.

Without his parents’ knowledge, he decided to stay behind and invited his friend and their girlfriends for a sleepover.

After contacting his friend, the plan was set into motion, resulting in their girlfriends joining them at the residence.

Tragically, a gas tank exploded while the girlfriend was cooking food for the four of them, resulting in severe burns.

One version recounts that the boyfriend rushed her to a hospital where, unfortunately, she succumbed to her injuries.

In this version shared by socialite Jackie Ngarande, the young lady was dating a married man and had gone for a sleepover as the man’s wife was away.

The version warned young women not to be in relationships with other women’s husbands.

The version reads:

Mrng tete ndangochinhongawo post it Pliz and hide yambirai vana sikana vasadanana nevarume vevanhu
[26/06, 18:09] Guys manzwawo hre musikna weku Cold Stream ..atsva ne gas achibika ari ku sleepover kwa bae buh azofira ku Hre hospital
6/26, Mumwe wenyu aputikirwa ne gas ari.ku sleepover huyai ticheme
[6/26,ehee afa akazo fira kuhospital hake….anga ayenda ku sleep over kumba kwe murume we munhu madam vanga vambo famba famba so kari busy kubika gas bvara putika.