In a sad development, the cash-strapped family and friends of the late Mitchelle ‘Moana’ Umali, who perished in a horrific road accident which also killed outspoken Zimbabwe businessman and socialite Genius Kadungure, widely known as Ginimbi, is literally on its bending knees begging for well-wishers to make donations in either cash or kind, towards the logistical considerations for the burial of the former fitness trainer.

Moana met her tragic demise Monday morning while coming from a lavishly moneyed all-white party in which expensive champagne was being poured on the ground in honour of her birthday.

Mimi Moana

Posthumous findings into the life of Moana have puzzlingly revealed that she neglected her poverty-stricken family which she treated as largely secondary to her Hollywood-like lifestyle.

Reports suggest that mourners who were gathered at Moana’s funeral wake in Harare’s Highfield high density suburb only had well-wishers who chipped in, to thank, for them to have the Monday night meal.

In a statement, Moana’s friend Lin appealed for public assistance in the pursuit of according the deceased former fitness trainer a ‘decent’ burial.

“Regrettable on Sunday we all woke up to gruesome images/videos of Moana’s demise. It is under these circumstances that the family has asked me to make a public appeal to you all for help of any form or kind so they can give her a good and decent send off,” partly reads the statement from Lin.
“Anyone willing to help the family please reach them through her friend Lin +263 78 477 9561. She will give you finer details on how to go about it. No amount is too little, Thank you. RIP Mimi,” she wrote.

The online Zim Morning Post reported that the burial of Moana will only take place at least after November 25 following an inconclusive post mortem conducted on Tuesday morning. It is also understood that the results of the DNA are due in the next two weeks.

Quite contrastingly, while the family of Moana is apparently burdened and struggling to meet the logistical demands of their late daughter, bigwigs, Zanu PF officials and various business magnates are reportedly stampeding to donate resources at the funeral of the filthy rich Ginimbi who was synonymous with a luxurious way of life.

the late Ginimbi

There are reports that Independent parliamentarian Themba Mliswa has donated several beasts beasts while Acie Lumumba has pledged 1,000 litres of diesel amid a flurry of donations from well-wishers and Zanu PF bigwigs for the funeral of the late controversy-ridden businessman and socialite Ginimbi.

On the other hand,, US millionaire gold trader Scott Sakupwanya has also intimated at his willingness to support the funeral expenses of Ginimbi who lived a luxurious lifestyle of fast cars and expensive champagne.

It is not clear if Ginimbi’s family has been able to locate their son’s riches.

There are reports that his Domboshava mansion was temporarily locked upon his death as his family attempted to take inventory of his wealth.

Elsewhere, Nyaradzo Funeral Services chief executive officer Philip Mataranyiika has partnered with the Youth, Sports, Arts and Recreation deputy minister Tino Machakaire to bail out the funeral expenses of the late comedian Lazarus Boora who was popularly known as Gringo.

Gringo’s family will not part with a cent.

additional reporting: Zwnews