President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Spokesperson George Charamba has seemingly expressed pleasure over the cordial relations shown between Zimbabwe and the United States of America.

This follows Zimbabwe’s invitation to the pre-United Nations General Assembly meeting meant for America’s friends.

Zimbabwe and America has over the years not been the best of friends, with Washington acussing Harare of human rights abuses.

The US placed punitive measures against Zimbabwe under ZIDERA, calling on the Southern African country to respect its own Constitution and end human rights violations.

Apparently, Charamba has seemingly expressed pleasure that Zimbabwe has been invited to a pre-UNGA meeting reserved for friends of America.

He writes:

“Meanwhile on the other side of the Atlantic, President Biden will share a virtual platform with President Mnangagwa to discuss US Policy on ending COVID-19 global threat.

“Harare already has an invite to this pre-UNGA Summit which US says is for friends of America!”