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G40s Sarah Mahoka, Mandi Chimene, Kudzai Chipanga shake Chamisa’s MDC: Goreraza

Stanley Goreraza: Who else remembers the time when President Mnangagwa was like a rubber duck at a funfair for the sycophantic likes of Mandi Chimene, Sandra Mahoka and Kudzai Chipanga. The attacks were so vicious, disrespectful and public because they had Mr Mugabe’s stamp of approval.

It’s back at the funfair again, but this time at an Mdc amusement park with the rubber ducks being Engineer Mudzuri and Advocate Mwonzora. The shooters are of course the Mdc’s versions of Mahoka, Chimene and Chipanga.

And oh how they pretty much love an audience, they record themselves ambushing, button holing, harassing and intimidating Engineer Mudzuri with reckless abandon, mindless of his party position which is senior to theirs. You have to wonder whether these attacks bear a stamp and a tick for correct from Chamisa’s desk! The power Mahoka and Chimene displayed came from above then Vice President Mnangagwa. Where is the power Hwende and his playmates are flaunting coming from? They have guns and ammunition. From who?

It is these radioactive tactics that trigger the tumours of dictatorship and result in the death of democracy.

Nelson Chamisa said the most beautiful things at yesterday’s hearing. He played the flute, the piano and saxophone with such dexterity. He played an award winning tune.
Then he goes home, ten radio’s are all playing different music at the same time causing such audio horror and torture, he sits, smiles and says nothing.

Nelly is a Pastor. He is like a Pastor who preaches himself hoarse against adultery when he has several side chicks besides his wife. He is like the Pastor dead set against stealing but is rich beyond explanation.

Everything that Zanupf had done, the Mdc is doing. Everything that has happened in Zanupf is happening in the Mdc.

Lucky for them all have eyes but a few see. Many have ears but do not hear.

Zimbabweans wake up to see and hear when the lion has opened his jaws. When it is too late and disaster puts it’s foot in the door way.

stanley goreraza


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