A bulk fuel tanker went up in flames on Tuesday while offloading fuel at Bindura Council fuel station. A live video covering the raging fire was posted by Ingoda TV on their channel.

Their reporter said “here is the boom and blast that has taken place right now, we are in Bindura just behind Mutungagore where  a tanker has exploded at a service station which was being refuelled, the fire is too much and we fear it will spread to the offices of the Minister of State.”

The truck burnt and exploded and it became a centre of attraction to Bindura residents.

scene picture … supplied by zwnews

Mashonaland Central police spokesperson Inspector Milton Mundembe confirmed the case.

“I can confirm that a fuel tanker exploded in Bindura yesterday and investigations are on going,” Mundembe said.

A dreadlocked guy popularly known as Rasta reportedly braved the fire and moved the burning truck away from buildings after the driver was overcome by the situation.

“If Rasta did not brave the fire all the two filling stations would have been gutted down by fire,” a source said.

The fire has since been put down.

zwnews, zimeye