Can anything good come out of Shurugwi…

SHURUGWI: Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi was in Shurugwi last week where he officially opened and blessed a service station owned by a young church member who started off as an illegal “MaShurugwi” gold miner before literally striking gold  in the mineral rich Midlands mining town.
Bishop Mutendi who heads ZCC church hailed Moses Zuva for opening Mondi Filling Station in the small mining town of Shurugwi. He said it was impressive that he opened a service station at a time when the economy is facing difficult times.
Bishop Mutendi(pictured) became the first customer at the service station when he bought fuel for US$1 000.
The official opening was attended by heads of Government departments, church members and members of the public.
“I am really pleased with what this young man is doing in Shurugwi even in the face of these economic difficulties. I am here to bless his work and may God continue to bless this young man. I will be the first customer by buying fuel for US$1 000,” said Bishop Mutendi.

Zuva told reporters that everything comes through hard work and the blessings of God.

“I am from a very poor back ground. My mother and I used to be vendors selling vegetables, tomatoes and sugar. I then graduated into an illegal gold panner and raised fees for a diploma from in Business Management. I have now just started a degree at MSU in Business Management.
“God is everything. I have experienced all highs and lows of business. I have flourished, I got broke to the extent that I sold everything that I had and I am up again.
“The best thing in my life is when my wife invited me to her church. That is when business started growing firmly and an now a proud owner of one of the biggest crèches in Shurugwi called Sunshine, I have business stands, I own a mine and a mill and today I have opened a filling station,” said Zuva.

Moses Zuva is a rare breed of MaShurugwi gold miners. His former peers have turned the country upside-down committing crimes that range from murder, rape, home invasion, robbery and weapon related offences. His case reminds the nation that there are still genuine small scale miners out there who can do good for their communities if given a chance. Not the machete wielding thugs who should be disarmed and locked behind bars for their despicable crimes.

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