Slay King Nigel Hove gets Obama & US celebrities’ attention, He also slayed top Lesotho restaurants in 2021 & many Zimbabweans

A lot is now coming out about social media personality Kudakawashe Nigel Hove who was found guilty and jailed yesterday of enjoying food worth over $364 500 at a local restaurant without paying. Kudakwashe Nigel Hove, who is known on social media as @iamhove, pleaded guilty to defrauding a Restaurant in Ballantyne Park, Harare, Zimbabwe.

Since the publication of his jail sentence, more issues about the man behind the name are now coming out.

First he is followed on social media by A List Hollywood type celebrities notably Barack Obama, former President of America; popular musician Tinashe, and Snoop Dogg cousins; siblings Ray J and Brandy. The total net worth of these four is close to US$100 000.

Is he using these connections to fool his victims and other people to hand him things and valuables?  No-one knows why his scams are so successful.

Fraudster is followed online by Brandy, Ray J, Tinashe and President Barack Obama…PICTURE

Nigel Hove’s fans on social media

Kudakwashe Nigel Hove: More fraud victims come out, Slay King also slayed top Lesotho restaurants in 2021


Businessman Kuda Musasiwa scammed by his namesake.

Nigel Hove..More fraud victims come out



I was victim of this fellow many moons ago and he disappeared only to resurface on social media lol. Yeap,at that time he claimed to an accountant at his parents business or something that effect. I guess these things always catch up with you.
This chap scammed me and my then partner during the Zim Fashion Week 2018…apa he lied achiti Priscilla would pay us after dzatengwa apa aitodzipfeka futi akati advertising…. zcakaitikira ku The Space boutique chii chii uko…. painful
Uyu akambotibira IPhone Xr kwakunyepa kuti aisa mari pa Western Union hayas
I’ve had to force heal but he scammed me of usd 5000 a few years ago. Even had the liver to come to my baby shower because we were ‘friends’ when he owed me money. But anyway we move. Uzoba strong
James W:
Dude’s followed by Brandy & Barrack Obama! WTF.

Scam artist jailed in Zimbabwe for ordering expensive food without paying

HARARE magistrate Noticia Shenje yesterday(17/01/23) sentenced popular social media personality, Kudakwashe Hove, to an effective six months imprisonment for ordering expensive food using fake payments.

Hove, popularly known as ‘@iamhove’ on social media, was sentenced to 12 months, of which three were suspended on condition that he pays Sabai Thai Restaurant $364 500 for the food and US$70 for the phone he stole.

A further three months were suspended on condition that he doesn’t commit a similar offence in the next five years, leaving him to serve six months behind bars.