Former ZBC News anchor Oscar Pambuka has been jailed for six years for fraud. Pambuka and former Highfield Member of Parliament Psychology Maziwisa were last year convicted of fraud and were supposed to go to jail for fraud and were supposed to go to jail for two years and six months each but instead, “they disappeared.”

Pambuka was this week convicted in another case of fraud and remanded in custody for sentencing while Maziwisa has not been accounted for and is still on a warrant of arrest.

Pambuka tried to defraud a transporter, Gibson Mazhangara of R36000 by claiming that he worked for Croco Motors and wanted him to pay for Croco spare parts.

He misrepresented him saying he was Croco Motors director Mr Chingwena and wanted advance money to pay for shipment of his motor spare parts in South Africa. He was found guilty in this case on Wednesday.

Pambuka and Maziwisa were initially convicted of two counts of fraud and each sentenced to six years and five months in prison.

However, they will only serve two years and six months each after the rest of the term was conditionally suspended.