Following claims by the late John Chibadura’s family on media platforms that their late father’s song ‘Mudiwa Janet’ was performed at the FIFA World Cup 2022, the Zimbabwe Music Rights Association met with Isabel Nyamukokoko (Heir to the late John Chibadura’s Copyright Estate) on 07 December 2022 to look at the matter in depth.

A thorough research and analysis of the song under comparison was done by ZIMURA.

The analysis included code sequence, code progression, melodies and arrangements while the researched inputs from music experts included:

1) Pastor Charles Charamba, leader of Fishers of Men and also a renowned music professional who holds a Bachelor of Music Degree in Jazz from Africa University.

2) Clive Mono Mukundu, a Zimbabwean Music expert with extensive knowledge of music complemented by his Degree in Music Business, Musicology and Technology with the Midlands State University.

3) Dr Dread, a Cape Town music producer with lots of experience in covering different genres and sound track.


Pastor Charamba and Mono have also been members of ZIMURA’s Authentication Panel before.

The research and analysis of both songs have clearly shown that the 2022 FIFA World Cup song did not originate from the late John Chibadura but rather the song titled “Hayya Hayya”  performed by a number of international artists;

ZIMURA’s findings and conclusion were successfully relayed to Isabel Nyamukokoko who fully understood and accepted the outcome.

ZIMURA strongly encourages its members to contact the office for clarification on any queries /or any lessons before approaching the press.