Comedienne Lorraine Guyo has decided to shake off all the drama that happened between her and former brand manager and ex-boyfriend Thomas Chizhanje.

This follows after a series of leaked chats where she claimed that Chizhanje CST took away her cash and virginity before dumping her.

Lorraine accuses her former partner of mismanaging their finances and claimed that he owed her.

However that is now water under the bridge as she highlighted on her latest post:

If there is anything I learnt about life is how to wipe your tears, Smile get up and keep fighting to reach the greatest heights. No one said it was going to be easy. God is my only strength #thenewdawn #Godalldayeveryday.

Not to be left behind, Chizhanje also took to social media to explain his side of the story.

Without mentioning the s_ex benefits as alleged by Lorraine, Chizhanje issued the following statement:

Hi Guys I know u have been hearing stories about me and Lorraine..

When I met Lorraine she did not have a proper skit template ..I asked her about her background and I took a closer look on her acting career…I realised that Lorraine was not a comedian but an actress if she gets proper direction..anga aita maskits Ekuti ndakzonyengwa neyekuchemera kupinda mugarden That’s when I decided to write scripts for her and also directed those skits.

So I sacrificed my time writing the skits and also the time to direct her and the team on how they should act..

I told her that she does not have to pay me until Zvatanga kubhadhara I would share the skits on social media.. making it work.. Her YouTube grew until it was monetized.

Takatanga kuwana masponsors.. But at that time the sponsors we got the amount was close to 700 usd in total

Before that I would fund every shoot From transport cast and production She had one contract yaiwana and she would add also…on paying some of her expenses I had my car yakaita accident and sold it and got a loan from my bank to top that money

When the car came of the 700 Usd less expenses of paying cast for two weeks Ndakamuti may I have 150 to service the new car since it was second hand and she said its ok ndikati will give it back… She said no do not pay me back… But when I wanted to leave she wanted all the 700USD in total before I left..

I removed cast fees and other expenses and it got to about 375USD including the money to service the car..

I gave her 50USD cash at first and 25 usd on ecocash rate And I suggested that i would write and direct skits for her on the remainder….

But with the way she spoke to me I decided to look for the 300usd and she came kuzotora marl yacho kwandiri …zvobva zvapera
Its unfortunate that it has come to this and it must be clear that I did not leave in a bad way I even sent a goodbye note in our whatsapp group..
Those who have followed the journey can see that I did my best for her in building, promoting and growing her brand. If there was anything that we did not do well, I sincerely believe it will be a lesson for the future..
When I left, I continued to wish Lorraine the best and I still do.. Thanx Tom