Female police officer in uniform molested by a gang of drunkards

A female cop stationed at Lions Den might be cursing the day she became a ZRP member after drunkards took turns to molest her while she was passing by a local bar.

The unidentified constable was allegedly caressed by two drunkards who also insulted her.

An eyewitness Farai Zindofo said the shocking incident happened last weekend at a local bar in the farming area of Lions Den.

“The female police officer who is always alone uses the route daily to and from work and these alcoholics took advantage of that. They stopped her as if they wanted to ask something before she knew it they took turns to caress her while she screamed for help.

“People then rushed to assist the well-built and eye-catching police officer whose beauty could have provoked these uncultured men,” said the eye-witness.

Zindofo added that the duo were arrested at the very same moment after trying to escape from the angry mob that was baying for their blood.


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