The government has announced a 100% salary increment for civil servants, but former ZANU PF Member of Parliament Chivi South Killer Zivhu says it is better to have a steady salary than running salary because of inflation.

He says the announced increment will be eroded by the skyrocketing prices.

“100% of zero is zero , better to get a steady salary than a running salary , inongodzingirira ma price mwedzi woga woga chokwadi.”

Meanwhile, at the time ZANU PF members has warned that their party could lose 2023 elections, Zivhu says people will vote for jobs, peace and health in the forthcoming polls.

He says people will not vote for party structures, but for good governance.

His sentiments seem to reply calls from some quarters imploring Citizens Coalition for Change CCC president Nelson Chamisa to put party structures in place.

ZANU-PF has been mocking Chamisa for not having party structures, but Zivhu thinks otherwise.

“Structures in politics doesn’t work, 2023 people are going to vote for their jobs, food, fees, salaries and etc not structures , garayi muma structures eyu iwawo muri kwamuri ikoko,” he says.