Prominent Zambian politician Joseph Kalimbwe says former Zambian President Edgar Lungu should not be anywhere near Zimbabwe’s elections because he might ill-advised President Emmerson Mnangagwa to block the internet during polls.

Lungu caused internet shut down during the Zambian elections in 2021, which he went on to lose.

“Kenya votes today, Edgar Lungu is no more the Head of the Elections Observer mission.

“He excused himself which is a good thing.

“Also, may he be as far away from the Zimbabweans elections next year.

“We don’t want him exporting internet shut down vibes to other nations,” he says.

Meanwhile, Kalimbwe urged opposition parties in Zimbabwe to forget the Kenyan elections but prepare for their own polls set for 2023.

“Comrades, don’t let 2023 slip off your hands. Get on the ground & mobilize, leave no stone unturned for Nero.

“Forget about Kenya, East Africa is far imagine another 5 years of you doing hashtags,” he says.