FORMER Mnangagwa evangelist and Zanu PF youth league commissar, Godfrey Tsenengamu has made startling claims the country was better governed by late former President Robert Mugabe than it is now under Emmerson Mnangagwa.

During the last days of Mugabe’s rule, Tsenengamu took a brave stand to demand Mugabe’s exit to allow his then deputy Emmerson Mnangagwa to assume the reins.

He got his fingers burnt for that after he got arrested.

The outspoken politician, who now runs his own pressure group, has reached a damascene moment, telling journalists Friday the country was in better hands under the now late leader than now.

“When we brought in ED (Emmerson Mnangagwa), we never thought we will find ourselves in this situation, we thought we would be better than we were in 2017, but it’s even worse.” Tsenengamu said.

Mugabe was ousted November 2017 in a military backed coup that installed his deputy, Mnangagwa on the driving seat.

At the time, fuel was readily available at service stations while inflation was well under control.

The situation is different now with prices rising everyday while top government officials and connected individuals have been allowed to escape with acts of corruption that continue to haemorrhage the troubled country’s resources.

Said Tsenengamu, “…Deep down in your hearts, you know very well that indeed we are in a crisis.

“We are in a worse situation than we were before November 2017; that is a fact.

“Politically, socially and economically and the problems that we are facing are cross cutting.

“Policy inconsistency; today they are saying, ‘you can get from the bank, tomorrow you say you can’t withdraw’, the following day they say something else.”

Tsenengamu added, “Tribalism, regionalism, nepotism is evident everywhere in the political parties and worse in central government, worse than it was before November 2017.

“The administration has been so effective in arresting pick-pockets and promoting thieves and looters.”

The firebrand former youth leader rallied Zimbabweans to “liberate ourselves”.

“What I am saying, as citizens, we are on our own and we have to liberate ourselves from this mess,” he said.

“Politicians do not have a special brain that the generality do not have, they don’t.

“We are going to have a conversation as citizens till the 6th of July in our small groups and say how are we going to extract ourselves out of this mess.

“So, from the 7th July to the 10th of July, in between those 4 days, we are going to act, and extract ourselves out of this mess.

“We are not going to be cry-babies anymore, we are not going to address any press conferences again.

“If those in charge are going to respond by arresting us, by way of pumping bullets into us, I am not sure if they are going to do that, but if they are to do that, then they are free to do so.”


At Least Mugabe’s Sons Were Not Thieves 

Mugabe’s children

Godfrey Tsenengamu said that his pressure group, the Front for Economic Emancipation in Zimbabwe (FEEZ) is ready to take action against economic injustices, especially corruption.

Tsenengamu accused Zimbabwe’s rulers of allowing their children to grab mines across the country at the expense of the general citizenry.

He said that unlike the late former President Robert Mugabe’s sons, Robert Jr and Chatunga, the children of Zimbabwe’s current rulers are very corrupt.

“Chatunga and Robert were party boys, but did not steal like what we are seeing now,” he said in a video.