BARELY a month after leaving Chipinge Prison, commonly referred to as Mandikisi where he had been serving time for assault, a Middle Sabi man – Matthew Chauke – was back to his old ways last Sunday when he bashed a rival suitor.

However, tables were turned against Chauke of Farm 29 as his rival, Nhamo Ndoweso, retaliated and hacked him with a machete, seriously injuring him in the process.

Police confirmed the incident and said investigations were in progress.

A witness to the brawl, Rowai Sithole said: “Chauke was jailed for six months for assaulting a villager. When he was released, he had an altercation with Ndoweso, accusing him of dating his girlfriend.

“Last Sunday, Chauke attacked Ndoweso who took to his heels. However, Ndoweso later came back armed with a machete and proceeded to Section 7 Compound which is under Rating and saw Chauke and the woman drinking beer together. Ndoweso attacked Chauke with the machete.”

Another witness who refused to be named said: “Ndoweso struck Chauke once on the head, and five times on the arm.
Rating security guards managed to quell the situation, and took Chauke and Ndoweso to Middle Sabi Police Station.’’

Chauke is in a stable condition at Chipinge District Hospital.

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