Exiled former Foreign Affairs Minister Walter Mzembi has criticized Zimbabwe’s handling of the forex bIack market, arguing that turning citizens into potential criminaIs is counterproductive.

He says forex black market trade in Zimbabwe is very official as long as fuel and other services are priced and sold in USD$.

Mzembi questions if the government ever asked car drivers their source of funds for the fuel they buy.

“It is dumb to turn ZiG into an Arresting Officer.
An entire country has been turned into a crime scene & everyone into a potential criminal,” he says.

He implored the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s Financial Intelligence Unit to assist police with the source of the money, because all money is electronic.

“Plug the source. There are notes in circulation,” he adds.


Be careful that these moneychangers don’t end up fitting the definition of MATYRS- Who is not a money changer in Zimbabwe?

“If you are not one, then you are not living in Zimbabwe. A Country whose people are not paid in US$ but buy in US$, is a country of money changers.
Stop persecuting ordinary people for your policy failures!

“Your businessess don’t accept ZiG including essential services offered by Government but you expect US$ from where for goodness sake.”