The Reserve Map in Tarkov is an environment that requires tactics to win PVP rounds, loot and make money. It’s the most advantageous map. Like the “Interchange” Map, Reserve has one central point of interest in the middle.

Despite being on the tinier part of the map, this POI has spawn points surrounding it. You need professional tips to play better and escape without dying in Tarkov. Try our premium Tarkov hacks to enjoy easy-going wins on the EFT Reserve map.

Also, check out these pro tips below to improve your time on the map.

6 Pro Tips for the Reserve Map in Escape From Tarkov

1.    Learn the Map Layout and Create Callouts

One important thing you must do on this map is to understand the environment. Once you’ve done that, create suitable callouts that your team members will understand, no matter the area. The Bishop, Knight, and Pawn buildings on the Reserve map are popular with all players.

But you must know when any of the buildings is called out. You can identify how the enemies are moving and where they are. The Bridge Route, Dorms, The Water Crossing, Bus Stop, etc., are some of the callouts to keep in mind.

2.    Defeat Raiders and Loot Them

Raiders’ loot is highly profitable. If you can locate the Raiders and conquer them, you’re sure of cash, weapons, and other valuable items. One more thing, the Raiders will randomly spawn and sometimes near some of the main Points of Interest. As they generate, conquering them again will give you more and more gains.

On the other hand, you can get the Raiders to spawn on the Reserve Map when you hit the “alarm” button in the hut beside the white pawn structure. Also, they commonly appear close to the black pawn and knight structures. Please take note of these raider spawn points, locate them, conquer them, and loot them. You don’t want to run out of cash too quickly.

3.    Support yourself with Painkillers

The design of Reserve makes it more challenging for players. So, to survive longer, support your life with painkillers. Some of these painkillers include Ibuprofen and Propital. Although these painkillers are not pocket-friendly, they have a significant role in keeping you alive.

With the money you’d made from defeating Raiders, you can get as many painkillers and meds as possible. You want to avoid getting weak and doomed in your gameplay.

4.    Never Attack Scav Bosses like Glukhar Solo

Glukhar is one of the Scav bosses you must fear. He can spawn anywhere around the map, including the Railyard, but mainly close to the Chess buildings (the Knight or the Pawn). Since he comes with a group of guards, attacking Glukhar solo is not advisable unless you have a powerful kill strategy.

Meanwhile, attacking Glukhar as a squad makes defeating him and his guards easier. Upon defeating them, you’ll get so much valuable loot. One of the strategies to defeat Glukhar is targeting the guards first. After eradicating them, face Glukhar fully with your team.

But it would take a while to down him unless opposing PMCs or Raiders join the show. So, you and your squad can retreat, make plans, and return with full force; victory is yours.

5.    Communicate and Be Tactical with your Squad

In all FPS games, especially in this Reserve Map of Escape from Tarkov, communication among teammates is the key to winning. With communication, players can share knowledge about many issues while playing their game.

They can inform their teammates of the enemy’s location and devise a vital means of eliminating them. Talking about being tactical, engaging in close-quarter fights with your team against the opposing PMCs will give you great opportunities to pinch, flank, and push opponents.

6.    Attack from Cliffs whenever possible

You can nearly see the whole Reserve Map from the cliffs. They are more like a paradise for snipers. On a bright day, you could see the Train Station on the opposite end of the Reserve map.

Apart from being an excellent place for high-ground attacks, there are a few spawns around the cliffs and extraction points.

You can eliminate all threats by attacking from the cliffs and have time to loot and extract. Since it’s popular among most players, always scan around for opposing snipers nearby. You want to avoid getting snipped while snipping enemies.


Without a doubt, Escape from Tarkov is addicting and scary at the same time, especially in this Reserve map. However, you must act upon these pro tips to enjoy your gameplay.

Learn the map layout and create callouts. Defeat raiders, loot, buy painkillers, attack scav bosses as a squad, and communicate with your team constantly. These tips will help you enjoy your gaming experience on the Reserve Map.