Sports Betting in Zimbabwe: Jimmy Daytona for Zim News

Since online gambling is still not fully legalized in Zimbabwe, most betting Zimbabwe companies are based outside the nation. Surprise that Sports betting in Zimbabwe did not take off immediately due to internet and banking difficulties. African countries are usually faced with this problem. Although, this was then as sports betting had deep roots in this African Country. Having stated that, we will discuss all Zimbabwe sports bettors need to know about this gambling alternative. 

Overview of Sports Betting in Zimbabwe on Zim News

As mentioned earlier, sports betting in Zimbabwe is relatively new and hence cannot be called a tradition. It was primarily owing to the historically lousy internet infrastructure in the country.

If we go back in ten years, we’ll see that only a select number of large urban areas across the country could count on a reliable internet connection, even those suffering from subpar performance.

Zimbabweans have always had the option of going to local betting shops to place bets; therefore, that has never stopped locals from making the most of their time watching and participating in their favourite sports.

  • Horse Racing is very popular among local gamblers.
  • Because of legal restrictions, there are no domestic bookies in the country.
  • Winners of specific sports wagers must pay taxes.

The country is doing better now, and the internet gambling sector is growing. We anticipate that the popularity of the traditional betting shops found in Harare, the country’s capital, will dwindle as time passes.

However, locating any online bookmakers operating within the country is still not feasible, as the government has not legalized their activities. There are, however, many reputable overseas businesses to consider. Among them are organizations with African roots but international headquarters, including those in Europe.

As soon as there are no longer legal barriers to using offshore betting services, they can place bets on international soccer matches and other sports of their choosing from Zimbabwe.

Type of Sports Betting for Zim News 

Because of the potential for personal financial loss, it is crucial to have a solid grasp of everything about sports betting. Let’s discuss the types available: 

Types of sport betting  Details
The Combined Bet With the combined bet, the player can enter as many as 12 events with a single wager. If each one of your predictions turns out to be accurate, you win the bet.
The Multiple Bet Contrast the multiple bet with the combo bet, as it turns out, the multiple consists of several independent forecasts for the same outcome.
The betting system  If you enter three or more predictions into your online bookmaker’s betting slip, you are playing a system. The bets placed in the system form combinations. In contrast to the multiple stakes in the system, not all predictions need to be correct to win. In a 24 system, for instance, there are 6 possible outcomes. How to win occurs even if only two of your four correct guesses.


Zim News Tips: How to Do Sports Betting In Zimbabwe

Now is the time to place your bets on the next major sport of your choice. It might be a popular sport like soccer, basketball, or cricket or a less popular game like volleyball, golf, etc.

Here’s how to wager during a live sport to give yourself the best shot of winning.

  1. Analyze the game

Pay attention to the game and analyze what’s going on. Look out for fatigue, disorganization, or a chance of losing in the teams.

     2. Improve your chances

Always keep an eye on the live betting odds, as they will shift depending on the game’s current status.

   3. Sports knowledge

The finest way to earn your money’s worth is through the market method of triBasic knowledge of the game you want to wager on is essential. 

Mobile Sports Betting in Zimbabwe 

For a while now, gamblers worldwide have been warming up to placing bets while away from their desktop computers.

While betting from a desktop computer is always safe, punters who use mobile experiences can monitor their wagers from just about anywhere.

When comparing the top mobile bookmakers, there are many criteria to remember. It’s vital, for instance, to learn whether mobile versions will offer the same level of performance and security as the other available versions.

The convenience of mobile betting is its primary selling point. Therefore, using it should be as easy as possible.

Last but not least, when wagering on live matches, knowing if the loading time of the pages is within a manageable period or if it will run slowly is crucial.

Best Mobile Sports Betting Sites in Zimbabwe 

Some people think they’re just breaking a few laws by betting with illegal bookmakers and don’t get the gravity of the situation. That’s not the only issue most people have with them, though.

Involvement with unlicensed bookies comes with no assurances of safety. Your financial and identity details may be at risk.

That’s why you must seek legitimate, reputable bookies where you’ll be safer. They have security measures in place to protect your funds and a promise that you will be paid out any winnings you accrue while using their service, as well as the approval of abroad locations where you can legally place bets. Here is a video tip on the best sites to bet on in Zimbabwe.

There are a plethora of legitimate, high-quality websites available across the country. The top 3 pick for Zimbabweans includes 

  • Betway
  • Betsson
  • William Hills

Sports Betting Sites and Bonuses 

New players, always on the lookout for a good deal, are routinely attracted by generous bonus offers. The main idea is to move to a place where your success is appreciated.

Bonuses are a fantastic method to evaluate the quality of different Zimbabwean betting sites and determine which ones best suit your needs.

You can get the most out of a bookmaker’s site without spending as much money if you take advantage of promotions, notably the standard welcome bonuses. Once the incentive period is up, you can decide if you want to stick with the site or go elsewhere.

It is crucial to keep an eye on this factor, as some bonuses appear too good to be true, and when you realize it, you’ll have to fulfill nearly impossible conditions to claim them. It is customary to read between the lines and go for the bookmakers’ terms and conditions.

Recommended Payment Methods for Sports Betting in Zimbabwe 

It’s been established that sports betting in Zimbabwe is a new phenomenon. You can fund your account in any of them with dollars from the United States. Therefore it’s not likely that you’ll encounter many bookies willing to deal in the local currency.

Several alternatives, including credit/debit cards and electronic wallets, are suggested worldwide due to their increased safety and convenience over cash.

Picking a deposit option that works best with your betting strategy is crucial. It will maximize your winnings from your wagers and increase your chances of success when competing against the bookmakers.


  • Can I utilize these bookies even if I’m too young to do so legally?

Doing so is strictly forbidden. There is no jurisdiction in which an online or brick-and-mortar bookmaker will accept a wager from a person under the legal age of majority.

  • Do these online gambling establishments accept U.S. dollars?

The answer is yes. In Zimbabwe, as elsewhere, this is one of the most widely accepted currencies at betting establishments.

  • Where can I look up bookies in my country to bet online?

Google or another online search engine is your best bet for finding them. If you are researching from outside the country, A virtual private network (VPN) with a server in your location is your best bet.