Controversial deputy minister of information and member of parliament, Energy Mutodi, has once again gone ahead of and against Mnangagwa by promising deadly violence on MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa after the later claimed that elections were stolen by Zanu PF.

Mutodi who has been described by critics as “disaster waiting to happen” following his twit was reprimanded by readers who said he “lacks maturity and understanding of politics, law and constitution of the land.”

With a picture of First Lady, Auxillia Mnangagwa, on his profile; Mutodi made it clear that this is not just his statement but a representation of the views and stance of President Mnangagwa’s government which has been at pain to explain and convince Western countries that it no longer uses violence and force against opposition.

Said Mutodi:

“Gvt is following with keen interest the inflammatory statements being passed by Nelson Chamisa including his claim that he will be inaugurated on Saturday. Any attempt to delegitimize gvt will not be tolerated and those bent on causing anarchy will be dealt with mercilessly.”