Zwnews Chief Correspondent

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been urged to give his new look cabinet, particularly the finance portfolio some space so that they do their jobs well.

In his just announced cabinet, Mnangagwa has gotten rid of the ‘dead wood’ and analysts have urged him give the new brooms, freedom to do their jobs.

In the previous administration, there has been some interference by the state president in the affairs of ministries, particularly the hot seat, that is the finance ministry.

Be that as it may, political analysts have praised the President for handing the ministry to Professor Mthuli Ncube, saying his CV shows he is the ideal person for the job.

Ncube is a respected economist who has held very top posts within the corporate sector, he also once worked as a finance lecturer in London.

He holds a PhD in Mathematical Finance from University of Cambridge.

According to Alex Magaisa, Ncube’s intellectual pedigree is beyond doubt.

He says it would be good if Mnangagwa is going to give him freedom to execute his mandate as he knows best.

The calls come after the previous administration led by former President Robert Mugabe had fights with finance ministers for refusing to dance to his tune, at the expense of the economy.

Mugabe was in a habit of forcing the ministers to make moves like printing money for his political expediency, some brave ministers resisted the moves saying it could cause inflation, resulting in soured relations.

Another analyst, Dr Pedzisai Ruhanya also expressed the same sentiments, and is of the thought that the new finance minister needs support.

Ruhanya believes if Ncube is not supported with a good culture of shunning corruption, and not given a violent free operating environment, he will fail as Finance Minister.

Meanwhile, President Mnangagwa wrote on his twitter account that he has appointed a youthful and dynamic team whose members have the required skills for the posts. Adding that it was now time to get down to work.