“Empty promises holding Trump back from helping Zimbabwe”

Trump ED sanctions zim


The United States of America (USA) Government says it is being held back from rendering its full support to Zimbabwe by the country’s failure to deliver on promised reforms.

Since President Emmerson Mnangagwa took over power from former president Robert Mugabe in 2017, he has been promising to carry out political and economic reforms, but lacked the political will to implement them.

Through its embassy in Harare, President Donald Trump’s administration says Zimbabwe’s economic recovery depends on her ability to deliver on promised political and economic reforms.

The Embassy says since 1980, the US government’s commitment to the Zimbabwean people has remained unchanged, witnessing over $3 billion being channeled to improve health, food security, economic resilience and democratic governance in the southern African country.

The embassy adds that assistance could even be increased should Mnangagwa deliver on the promises he made;

“Delivery on promised political and economic reforms will allow us to do even more.

“Failed economic policies, not sanctions, hinders Zimbabwe’s economic growth,” says the Embassy.

US ambassador to Zimbabwe Brian Nichols recently met with the American Business Association of Zimbabwe where he highlighted that U.S. Embassy supports and encourages American firms to do business in Zimbabwe.

The US added that Zimbabwe should enact policies that are conducive for business operations, and not to always attribute all its economic challenges to sanctions.

“Many years of harmful policies, not U.S. sanctions, have led to Zimbabwe’s current economic challenges.  We recognize Zimbabwe is making difficult economic decisions with limited resources in order to improve Zimbabwe’s trajectory.

“Implementation of political and economic reforms attracts international business, investment and builds confidence in the new Zimbabwe,” says the diplomatic mission.

The Embassy said Zimbabweans are free to sell their goods to the United States and to access American businesses. Targeted sanctions only restrict trade and travel for those who have undermined democracy and human rights.

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