Zimbabwe is hosting an African Elephant Summit in Hwange National Park starting today until the 26th of May 2022.

The country is in pursuit of forging, “A new and better deal for elephant conservation, tourism and rural communities in key African range states.

Meanwhile, as stated by Ministry of Information Permanent Secretary, Nick Mangwana, one of the deliverables is coming up with a workable framework for stockpile management of ivory and other elephant and wildlife products.

He says the country is also looking at ways of enhancing community participation in wildlife management locally and globally.

The Elephant Conference will discuss conservation, elephant management and the negative impact of the ban on international trade in elephant by-products.

The summit will be attended by 14 African countries and the ambassadors of Japan and China.

The association of wildlife, their management, and revenues are key economic contributions in the participating countries and the upcoming summit is meant to set a common agenda for the management of elephants ahead of COP15.