Renowned Zimbabwean investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono asserts that the Zimbabwean election was rigged, emphasizing that the Southern African Development Community (SADC)’s inability to intervene.

He urges citizens to confront cọrrupt rule independently, dismissing hope in SADC’s intervention and emphasizing self-reliance for change.

He writes:

The Zimbabwean election was shambolic and rigged, but it is important to tell the citizens the truth: it is over, and there is nothing SADC will do.

The SADC Executive Secretary, Elias M. Magosi, made a pronouncement in February that SADC has no powers to reorder an election and that no such thing will happen.

He went further to say that he was disappointed that there are some citizens of SADC who believe that SADC can re-order an election in a member State.

It is sad when citizens are made to believe in fairy stories that will never be fulfilled, tell the citizens the truth that for now there is no plan until the opposition is bold and fearless to fight the ZANUPF corrupt rule.

Zimbabweans must know that no messiah is coming to save them from ZANUPF’s corrupt rule; it is Zimbabweans themselves who must unshackle from corrupt rule, and only then will the likes of SADC appear.

Forget SADC and don’t believe the lies that it will do something; it won’t do anything for us!

CCC didn’t withdraw from parliament immediately after the shambolic and rigged election because politics is a profession in Zimbabwe, and not a way of giving back to society after years of having a professional life elsewhere!

Politics in Zimbabwe is not about ideas but personalities. That is why they say ‘2030 ED anenge achipo,’ or ‘Chamisa Chete Chete.’

Until that changes, you will continue to have politics defined by mediocrity in Zimbabwe!

How many Zimbabwean MPs have raised the issue of maternity theatres or unavailability of cancer treatment machines in hospitals in the last three years?

How many Zimbabwean women have died in the last three years giving birth? Over 7,000.

How many Zimbabweans have died from cancer due to non-availability of those machines? Thousands.

How many MPs have raised the issue of their salaries and cars? Almost all of them. That is your answer in defining Zimbabwean politics!

Zimbabwean Parliament is a job and not a calling for the majority of the MPs, most of them were jobless, so they go to parliament to earn a living and not represent YOU!

If the truth hurts, take a pain killer!

Opposition MPs should have resigned en masse after the election was rigged, not because Chamisa has abandoned his party.

It should be about ideas and not personalities, but how could they resign when it is a job and not a calling for them?

If they had all resigned, you wouldn’t have had the Tshabangu drama, there would have been a crisis, we said it, but nobody listened!

SADC did what it had never done before, calling the Zimbabwean election rigged and shambolic, what did the Zimbabwean opposition do after that?