The family of former President Robert Mugabe is reported to have been put off by plans to create a space for President Emmerson Mnangagwa next to the former President in the mausoleum which was being constructed at the National Heroes Acre.

This follows the family’s controversial decision to have former President Robert Mugabe buried at his home village in Kutama, Zvimba only a few weeks after agreeing to bury him at the national shrine.

The about-turn is reported to have been caused by the decision to change the Mausoleum being built from being for Mugabe only to one in which all Presidents would be buried in future.

Zimlive reported that government engineers had been instructed to build a “Presidential Mausoleum” with space for more people.

A Mugabe family source who spoke to the publication said,

President Mugabe did not want to be buried at the Heroes Acre to stop those who tormented him in his final days from pontificating over his dead body. It would be unconscionable to have him buried next to the man whom he held most responsible (Mnangagwa).

The government initially tried to block the move to have Mugabe’s body transported to Zvimba yesterday finally relented and expressed its support after Grace proved unyielding and President Mnangagwa approved the move.

Grace and the family insisted that they were going to follow Mugabe’s wishes as he had insisted that he did not want want to be buried at the National Heroes Acre because he did not want his tormentors to pontificate over his body.