ZwNews Chief Correspondent

For the peace loving Zimbabweans, the recent revelations by President Emmerson Mnangagwa (ED) that he is considering giving his bitter competitor in the just ended disputed polls Movement for Democratic Change- Alliance (MDC-Alliance) leader a post and perks was sweet music.

In an interview with the Cable News Network, President Mnangagwa who is in the United States of America for a UN General Assembly, told the world that he is contemplating having an official role office for the Leader of the Opposition.

The proposal takes a leaf from the Commonwealth system and taking it on board, in the Zimbabwean context would mean amending the country’s Constitution, to provide for the role, as well as putting measures that would guide the position, spelling out the office’s mandate, as opposed to mere ceremonial.

The revelations triggered some debates among Zimbabweans, as they try to figure out his intention; people giving different interpretations, saying it is a good move, while others believe it is not necessary.

Some think it as ED’s plan to neutralize and silence the MDC-Alliance president by making him taste the sweetness of power. At the same time, some ZANU PF hardliners want to go it alone, they claim they won the election and therefore see no reason in taking the ‘losers’ on board. They believe the defeat has left Chamisa politically dead and buried, and that there is no need to resurrect a dead enemy.

However, for progressive Zimbabweans, the proposed move by ED is good if not the best, considering the outcome of the elections, that has seemingly left the nation divided than united, raising the issue of legitimacy. It is against this backdrop, that many people think, that ED’s disposal is the way to go, provided he is sincere.

The election results were highly disputed to the extent of having had to be decided by the country’s highest court, the Constitutional Court, with Chamisa still claiming he won the polls.

Meanwhile, Mnangagwa’s revelation on the proposed move, seem not yet tabled, as just few days ago, Chamisa said he was ready for negotiations with ED, but claimed the later was not forthcoming. Chamisa said he is of the conviction that the country’s current leadership and economic quagmire can only be solved through dialogue, clear terms and conditions, as well as honesty in dealing.

On the other hand, President Mnangagwa is repeatedly on the record saying his warm arms were wide to welcome Chamisa on board, now that the president has told the world on the proposal to work with his foe, it remains to be seen, if the two would agree on the terms and conditions, and the need to put national interest ahead of self-aggrandizement on the part of the two leaders. All that Zimbabweans want is the unity of purpose, tolerance, and pulling in one direction as far as nation building is concerned.