ED Gvt blames Mugabe CIOs for torture & abduction of MDC activists

Mnangagwa’s government has blamed agents of former President Robert Mugabe for the spate of abductions and torture of activists in the last two days ahead of the August 16 Protest called for by the MDC.

Information Permanent Secretary Ndavaningi Nick Mangwana blamed the abductions on a ‘Third Force’ of Mugabe loyalists.

Mr Mangwana said as police carry out their investigations, Government cannot rule out the involvement of  a Third Force whose aim is to discredit President Mnangagwa.

He said some of the individuals believed to be behind the human rights violations could be bitter trained and fired officials who served under former President Mugabe’s Government.

“Since the emergence of the New Dispensation, there has always been a force comprising discharged and disgruntled former members of the old establishment of whom some are trained. These have shown determination to impair President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s image as a sincere reformer through various acts of malice and criminality in order to cause both local and international outrage. This is a Third Force that we have reasonable grounds to believe to be in existence. Its hands in the incidences of alleged violation of human rights where established, cannot be discounted. The police will leave no stone unturned in efforts to detect and act upon any violation of human rights,” he said.

Mr Mangwana said three abduction and torture cases have been reported to the police in Harare.

He identified the victims Mr Morgen Gumbo of Mufakose who was allegedly abducted on Tuesday after having an altercation with Mr Shamboc Chivese from the same suburb over allegations of abuse of Constituency Development (Funds) by area National Assembly member, Susan Matsunga.

“This is reported to have degenerated into a fist fight and open threats were made. Police are investigating whether the alleged abduction and the said violent incident are related. On the 14th of August 2019, the police also received a report on the alleged abductions and assault of one Blessing Kanotunga of Mufakose on 13 August 2019. Investigations are underway,” he said.

Mr Mangwana said the last reported case involves Tatenda Momberara who was allegedly abducted in Chitungwiza on Tuesday before being dumped in Hatfield.