ZANU-PF divided over MDC demo?

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The ruling ZANU-PF party has pressed the panic button ahead of tomorrow’s planned demonstrations by the Movement for Democratic Change-Alliance.

Information from insiders indicate there are sharp differences, with the other section angling to have the demonstrations banned by the police, while the other is maintaining that peaceful demonstrations are a democratic right for citizens.

An insider and ZANU-PF youth leader in Bindura confirmed that security meetings are being conducted from provincial levels right up to the top. He however, indicated that in some of these meetings, differences are emerging, as to how the party should deal with the demonstrations, a clear sign of factionalism.

“Yes I can confirm security meetings are being conducted, but there is no common ground on how to deal with the demos.

“Some are of the idea that it (demo) should be stopped, yet others are saying it should be left to go on,” said the youth leader who declined to be named.

Reports from Marondera are that the youths in the Mashonaland East held their own security meeting yesterday where they unanimously agreed to intervene should the demos turn violent.

Mnangagwa has reportedly given in saying the demo will go undisturbed by security services, but warning that any sign of violence will be dealt with in equal measure of necessary force.

He allegedly said this when he met a delegation from the African Court for Human and People’s Rights in Harare yesterday morning.

Meanwhile, analysts believe the differences in the ruling party’s meetings regarding how to deal with the demos is an indication of internal factions. According to political watchers “ZANU-PF when there are no internal cracks, are known to sing with one accord.”

Prominent political commentator Doctor Pedzisai Ruhanya warns that very soon factional wars in ZANU-PF will be seen playing out openly.

“A series of meetings with sharp differences have been taking place over MDC protests with the dominant group saying citizens have right to protest while Pfeerorists minions oppose protests.

“My reading of the situation in Zimbabwe tells me that there are serious divisions in ZANU-PF PF along factional lines over MDC protests. One group opposed to ED thinks it’s about time while Pfeerorists like Mudha, Matematanda says it must be stopped. Huge elite differences,” he posted on his twitter handle.

Meanwhile, a number of senior ruling party members have been vowing the demonstrations would not happen.

Deputy Minister of Information Energy Mutodi is one such person who is against the demonstrations.

When the Maintenance of Peace and Order bill was recently tabled in the Senate, he expressed excitement over the clause that allows the President to deploy the army in the event of protests that would turn violent.