According to a report by New Ziana, President Mnangagwa’s  Government has stated that opposition political parties in Zimbabwe are hesitant to take advantage of the free airtime provided by the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) to reach potential voters.

Kindness Paradza, the Deputy Minister of Information, Publicity, and Broadcasting Services, revealed that ZBC offers time slots such as the Ballot, the Candidate, the Manifesto, and the Constituency Indaba on all four radio channels and television stations for all political parties to deliver their messages free of charge.

Paradza made these remarks while addressing diplomatic missions accredited to Zimbabwe and observer groups regarding the country’s preparedness for the upcoming harmonized elections. He expressed disappointment that many opposition political parties have declined to utilize this free airtime, despite the opportunities it provides to share their messages with the public.

The Deputy Minister pointed out that reporters have been reaching out to parliamentary and local authority candidates, urging them to share their manifestos through interviews, but some have refused to participate. He called on opposition political parties to come forward and make use of the free airtime offered by ZBC, emphasizing that it is a national and public broadcaster.

Additionally, Paradza mentioned that Zimpapers, through its radio and television stations, has also introduced free airtime slots for the benefit of all political parties.

Meanwhile, many opposition election rallies have been banned while billboards promoting opposition political movements have been torn down and deemed illegal.