FILE PICTURE| FORMER footballer, Patrick Folani, was caught on CCTV stealing a bottle of whiskey from a liquor shop in Kwekwe on Saturday.

The ex-CAPS United and Chrome Stars player was in the company of two women when he stole the whiskey.

Folani was confronted for his criminal activity on Sunday and ordered to pay for the stolen whiskey.

Sources claim that he has now turned to forex trading and has been duping people, and neglecting his family.

“He was in the company of two women who took the whiskey from the shelf, passed it on to him, and he went out with it.

“It looks like a syndicate he has been working with to steal from shops,” said a source.

In the CCTV footage, Folani can be seen standing next to a woman at the whiskey shelf.

She grabs a bottle of whiskey and hands it over to him. He then walks out of the shop with it and the woman follows him.

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