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A 28-year-old truck driver was on Tuesday arrested for setting an empty fuel tanker on fire after selling the precious liquid.
Donald Daniel, who was detained at Southerton Police Station was arrested by detectives following a review on the vehicle tracker.

Daniel stands accused of draining the fuel from the truck in Kuwadzana and drove an empty truck to Chinhoyi where he is alleged to have set it on fire.

CID spokesperson Detective Inspector Portia Chinho could not be reached for comment.

However, H-Metro has seen a letter of remission of duty application for petrol lost in transit addressed to Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) Chirundu Station Manager from Andrasdon Investments where Daniel works.

“Andrasdon Investments is applying for remission of duty on petrol that was lost.

“Our tractor unit and tanker was also destroyed on the 29th of September 2021.

“The transit load was coming from Beira going to Lusaka.

“The driver left Willowvale Truck stop Harare around 6pm on the 28th of September saying he was going to sleep at Banket in Chinhoyi area before curfew.

“Upon review of lorry movements based on our vehicle tracker, I have noticed the vehicle was driven to an address near the roundabout of Glen Eagles and Bulawayo Roads.

“The driver arrived there around 6:45pm and the lorry was parked in that yard until 11pm.

“The driver then proceeded to leave that address just before 11pm and claimed our lorry exploded with fuel in it at the Chinhoyi area.

“I suspect it was already empty given the four-hour time he was parked near Glen Eagles Road and Bulawayo Road roundabout.

“I also suspect the ZIMRA seals were already compromised by the time the lorry was set on fire.

“ZIMRA officials have already attended to the scene.

“We are appealing to your office for remission of duty as the product was not consumed by us and based on the driver’s movements and communication that night I am convinced it was foul play,” read the application letter signed by MacDonald Nehanda.

Impeccable sources close to the company told H-Metro that Daniel was aware that the tracker was yet to be paid for and the truck owner rushed to clear the bill following the mishap.

Daniel was taken by detectives to the scene yesterday and is expected to appear in court today.