A six-member local musical ensemble is calling out for support from well-wishers ahead of their upcoming four-track Extended Playlist (EP) titled Dream Work expected to be released by the end of August.

According to Fatso Great (born Farai Phiri), who fronts the talented hiphop-trap sextet, the forthcoming EP which oozes with rich lyrical content is set to be accompanied by videos expected for release during the last quarter of 2019.

“As a group, we decided to focus on quality rather than quantity and it was for this reason that we opted for an EP which normally has fewer songs than an album. So, we decided to expend our energies on four quality tracks, complimented by four quality videos,” said the 22-year old Fatso Great.

“But this can only be achievable if adequate resources, in either cash or otherwise, are availed. It is quite unfortunate that our coffers as an outfit are strained since we’re used to forking out from our own pockets and like most players in showbiz, the Covid19 plague has affected us detrimentally,” he said.

Added the Famous GangZw Boss:

“Quality video productions can only be made where artistic talent and creativity are fused with financial resources and resources. It is in this regard that we call upon well-wishers and those who have music at heart to lend support in Dream Work. We are youths with a dream and that dream is on full display in Dream Work”.

The four-track EP has tracks which include Hommies, Vibe, Walk Away and the title track Dream Work.

Other members of Famous GangZw include Nigel Chifana a.k.a Niggz, Robert Ngwenya, known as Kelvin Kel, Tatenda ‘TNB’ Nyoni, Nigel ‘Tube’ Chizaza and MJ (real name Jason Phiri), who are all aged 21.

To support the youthful outfit, you may reach out to the group’s marketing staffers on the following mobile numbers: +263784861284 or +263776640423.