When Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s son, Collins, issued a press statement claiming that he had ‘no business or personal relationship’ with the incarcerated Delish Nguwaya who is also country representative for the now discredited Drax International, the ‘First son’ perhaps never fathomed that his photos with the embattled businessman would one day find their way on the internet.

In his statement, recently, Collins claimed that he did not have any relationship, whatsoever, with Nguwaya and Drax yet photos credited to the online Zimlive portray otherwise.

“Over the past months, several online and print media outlets published materials containing false allegations associating me with an organisation called Drax International,” Collins recently said in a statement.

“I am not a member of the said organisation and I have no shares or interests in their transaction with the Government of Zimbabwe. I have no business or personal relationship with any Drax International’s representative, including Mr Delish Nguwaya,” he claimed.

true lies or fake truth?… Collins Mnangagwa’s recent statement

But pictures of Collins and Nguwaya, who is now in remand prison over the scandal which has shaken the corridors of power pour cold water on the former’s strenuous efforts to dissociate, particularly himself and the First Family, from the controversial Nguwaya.

While posting the pictures, together with Collins’ statement, veteran journalist Hopewell Chin’ono, said:

“Collins Mnangagwa released a statement through (presidential spokesperson) George Charamba DENYING relations with criminal Delish Nguwaya. Patrick Chinamasa called me unscrupulous for saying Collins was LYING. The decision is yours Zimbabweans. Do the Mnangagwas have a relationship with Nguwaya or not? RT”

See attached pictures below:

birds of a feather… Collins and Delish (Photo Credit: Zimlive)