If you look closely, you would see that there is a lot of fake news about the treatment for any kind of disease spreading around. Saying, this can cure, this can heal, and different false statements popping up. This means that a lot of people are looking for remedies that can be helpful in their personal medical problems.

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Marijuana may not be that fully legal because of its stereotype, but because of its health benefits, many countries are looking for ways for this natural remedy to be open in the market. However, that is still in debate since there are still things to consider when we talk about medical marijuana. A useful source stated that Marijuana has the potential to be the future of medicinal treatment, so we might be seeing medical marijuana pretty soon.

Listed below are just some of the medical benefits that marijuana can give you.


1.May increase Lung Capacity

When we say smoking, one of the major concerns is how it can dangerously affect the lungs. A normal cigarette is known to bring a lot of nicotine which is proven to be very bad for the lungs. However, marijuana-based cigarettes are different. How? A study made from a journal of the American Medical Association stated that long-term marijuana use might not be that bad as you think it is as they don’t bring any adverse effects to the pulmonary function.


2.Reduce the risk of getting diabetes

There have been a lot of clinical studies that have proven Marijuana to be a good body detoxifier. By this, a chemical compound found in Cannabis can even help in decreasing one’s blood sugar and increase insulin production, thus making it really useful to people suffering from type 2 diabetes.


3.Good pain reliever

It is known that chronic pain has been one of the most troublesome diseases that people from all around the world are suffering from. Anecdotal evidence had shown that marijuana and its chemical compounds have chemicals that can help ease chronic pains.


4.Helps in losing weight

Among every other person, it is not a secret that everyone wants to stay in shape. Everyone loves having a nice body. Studies found out that the use of Cannabis is linked with lower BMI, lower blood pressure, and lower insulin resistance. Thus making people who are using Cannabis improve their overall health and also with their weight.


5.Helps in relieving depression and anxiety

While a lot of people knew that anxiety and depression can be treated by Cannabis, these people did not know how effective it can be and would turn out to improper usage turning to abuse. Research has proven that it will only take a few puffs in order to rapidly reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.


6.Reduce tremors from Parkinson’s disease

There have been recent studies from the country Israel that shows that smoking Cannabis can remarkably reduce the pain and tremors from patients who are suffering from Parkinson’s disease. And what’s more impressive is that the motor skills of the patients had been gradually improving when they have been treated by Cannabis.

Because of this, Israel has made medical marijuana legal with proper guidance and authority. In fact, most of the clinical studies about marijuana are done there as it was supported by its government.

 7.Relieves arthritis

Recent studies made in the year 2011 have reported that cannabis can reduce the pain and inflammation. For people who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, this can be a great reliever as the discomfort and pain felt by such disease can be really annoying and would cost them their sleep.