A 31-year-old divorced South African woman got the shock of her life after discovering that her father was a sex worker. The Johannesburg woman made the discovery when she had sought out for his services unknowingly.

Narrating the drama, the woman who decided to remain anonymous revealed that it all started when she confided in her friend that she was lonely and lacking intimacy since her divorce.

She added that, after telling her friend of her situation, she encouraged her to let loose and try paying for sex. Making use of some contacts which she had, the friend reportedly gave her a number she had gotten.

She gave me a number to call and told me she hadn’t met the guy yet.
I called the man on Friday with a different number and we arranged to meet at a restaurant in Southgate.
When I arrived, my father asked me what I was doing there. I told him I was meeting a friend and he told me he had a business deal with a client.

She then decided to call the number her friend gave her and the phone rang in her dad’s pocket, who looked at her in shock. Out of anger, the woman stormed out and only confronted him after she had cooled off.

I hung up and dialled again. Yes, it was him. He was my sex date. I left and confronted him when he got home.

After a heated confrontation between father and daughter, the father reportedly confessed that he was addicted to sex and the reason why he had gotten into sex work was not for money but rather to satisfy his insatiable sexual appetites.