LEADER of the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA), Dr Peter Magombeyi was on Tuesday reportedly assaulted by a police officer at Avenues Clinic.

The assailant identified himself as Constable S. Zvinogona. He aggravated an injury on Magombeyi’s arm that was hurt during his abduction over a week ago.

Magombeyi’s father, Kingstone Magombeyi, confirmed witnessing the assault on his hospitalised son.

He said:

I saw it. I was there. It happened when we were making efforts to have him discharged.

The person refused to identify himself. He is not the one who I was given by the police and what troubled me was who this was since I also saw the message he received on August 28 saying he will be taken away by a whirlwind.

Dr Magombeyi was due to travel to South Africa for further treatment after the High Court interdicted the police from preventing him from travelling.