Former Mugabe Minister, Mr Lazarus Dokora, has filed a domestic violence charge against his ex-wife, 31-year-old Mercy Hanyani.

Dokora, who is the complainant, was on Monday slapped with a warrant of arrest by Magistrate Joseph Mundondo after he failed to appear in court to testify on allegations of domestic violence.

The 61-year-old UZ lecturer appeared before magistrate Mundondo to withdraw the charges against his ex-wife who is a teacher at Vainona High school.

Both Dokora and Hanyani reside at house number 2 Leopard Close in Borrowdale West, though the former claims that the latter is his ex-wife.

Hanyani has reportedly been a nuisance attacking Dokora and sometimes creating a lot of drama to annoy and cause discomfort to other people living at the former minister’s house.

It is further alleged that during her stay at the house, she would cause a commotion and emotional disturbances at the house by spilling a boiling pot of meat in the garden to feed the dogs, or pouring water on the firewood prohibiting other members of the house from cooking.