Exiled former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo argues against perpetual complaints in politics, emphasizing the need for solutions over incẹssant nẹgativity.

He criticizes those who Iack substantive solutions and rely on hearsay, urging for constructive engagement instead.


Every day and at every turn, nywee nywee. Hapana hapana.

Alright, so where is the beef?

What is there to show for the daily cacophonic nywee nywee narrative? Where or what are its outcomes that have benefited society or anyone?

In so far as politics is praxis, in other words, to the extent that politics is about human affairs and the sustenance of lives and the uplifting of livelihoods here on earth, it is pointless and meaningless to do politics by complaining everyday; with no outcomes or anything to show for the daily nywee nywee narrative.

That’s why there’s no such a thing as doing or pursuing politics for its own sake. Politics without outcomes is negativity or nothingness, because nothing comes from nothing.

While it is indeed good to complain about what is wrong, it is, however, better to offer solutions to right the wrong that one complains about every day.

A priceless nugget of old-aged wisdom is that it is always easier to destroy than to build.

This is because one does not need to know anything or to possess any special skills to destroy something, yet one must necessarily know something and be skilful or a specialist in or about it to be able to build anything useful for society or even themself.

So, unless one has done their homework and they know what they’re talking about or what they want to have fixed beyond noisy yet cheap propaganda based not on any demonstrable expertise but hearsay and prosaic anecdotes from diplomats and related misfits that like to whisper and peddle half-truths or falsehoods that they themselves have no courage of saying in public; that is unless they know what is actually happening and what is actually wrong in the real world apart from what is resident only in their head; or unless they know in practical and technical terms what should replace what they say is wrong; it is utterly useless and a total waste of time for anyone to endlessly peddle the now too common, and self-indulgent, nywee nywee narrative that ‘the sky is falling’.

No. The sky is not falling, and it will not fall.

The moral of this truism is that it is foolhardy to always and at every turn make hysterical and apoplectic noise, writing off everything there is, when you yourself actually don’t have and you never ever bother to proffer even the faintest clue about any solution to any challenge beyond sensational, personalised and predictable conclusions, rants, slogans, clichés, demonisations and soundbites with no analytical content or argument but full of sound and fury yet signifying nothing; all of it based on anecdotes whispered by diplomats and other busybodies who themselves are so cowardly that they lack the courage to say their nonsense in public.

When or after all is said and done the stubborn question that remains unanswered is, given the dally nywee nywee narrative to no end, where is the beef?